the thing about tats

Victoria Beckham and Christina Aguilara neck tats

as an avid fan of tattoos, i thought it was very interesting for The NY Times to bring up a current issue with tattoos that i've been noticing myself. not only are people everywhere starting to cover themselves with tats, but even if they aren't covered, they're making it a lot more visible. neck, wrist and hand tattoos are all over the workplace. i've got a couple tattoos, but i've always positioned places on the body that i could choose to show or not. recently i've thought about getting either a wrist or behind the ear tattoo...but i still feel stuck in that "work-appropriate" rut. although i know i won't always work at a law firm, and i plan on being in the fashion arena, where tats are not a discrimintory factor on your work ability...i still have my doubts. but should i?

in a time period where being marked up is cool...you have to wonder when the "rockstar" trend is going to fall off...

Willie Northpole - "body marked up"

...when lil wayne and travis barker are going to be 70 and their tats aren't going to look so hot anymore. lol

Travis Barker

*sigh* check out the article...it brought up a lot of good points. you decide for yourself. and when you do...let me know. i need some help in this body altering decision process.

"Tattoos Gain Even More Visibility" - The New York Times


PWC Gal said...

I'm gonna agree w/ what you said about it being a fad to "show your tats". It won't always be cool ... Not to mention, my concerns aren't w/ work apporpriate. More like, formal affair - do I want to whole room looking at a "heart w/ a sword through it" dead center at the top of my back while I attempt to be graceful and delicate in my lace trimmed evening gown. The answer is no.

Kitty said...

I think you can still have a hard-ass tattoo on yourself and still look graceful. I'm not a girly girly but I do love to dress up when the occasion strikes. And if my tattoos peek, all the better, I feel like an individual, like this is the real me. (Look at Gala Darling @ www.galadarling.com she's classy as hell, rocking half sleeves!) I have a handful of tattoos, some of which are on my arms. Workplaces are starting to be more open with tattoos being exposed. If you're doing it thinking it's a fad and that it'll eventually run its course, you shouldn't be doing it at all! I tattoo reminders, not what looks "hot" at the moment. Things that've happened to me, things I believe in, things I'm proud of. Even though you might not believe in what you've tattooed on yourself 20 years down the line, it's a chance to see how you've evolved. How you've grown. Getting a taste of what you were like when young. It's something to keep you grounded. So what if it's going to look ugly when you're 50? You start wrinkling whether you like to or not, and either way it's not attractive. I'm not someone who can live with a "what if" hanging over my head. There's no regrets, only the things you didn't do. Anyway I'm not saying you're wrong! You're free to thing whatever you want :) Whatever you do just put a lot of thought into it and whether you want a tattoo for the right reason! I wish you good luck with that! xoxox

Estrellita said...


Well I'm a girly girl, and I love fashion, I just got to your page, searching for tattoos and it's funny u mentioned wrist and behind the ear tats, as i already have 3, (i also tried to choose places,i can cover) one on my wrist (can easily cover with a watch), i have one like rihanna has (i dont care the copy thing, there is no tattoo, that an other person wouldnt wear, and i really just love it) on my hip, and one on my nape. so im just going to make my fourth behind my ear next week i guess.thats the only that i cant really hide, but you dont really see it from my hair.. but i decided i dont care.im not the type of girl, who will ever work in an office, i hate that, and as im addicted now:) (so true..if u make one..u cant stop) and now a loot of ppl have tats.so i think everybody is more open about it..
peace girl! and i really like ur blog!;)