missed NY fashion week? don't worry...babe, i gotcha

ok, ok...i know...what were the common themes? who had the runways looking extra crazy? who had it on lock? and best of all...who were my favorites? don't worry...i've got all the pics you need and i've got my ever so opinionated commentary you love.

before i break down my favorites...the biggest trends:


dennis brasso




matthew williamson


cynthia steffe

...and much more to come. :)



i'm not sure how many of you know about the singer/rapper/actor from degrassi, drake...but he's got a couple great songs under his belt. however, if you do a remix with my girl lykke li...for one of her all time hottest songs, little bit...well, what can i say? you get lots of respect from me. anyone who's paid attention to my blog, will know the original, but of you know i HAD to give you the remix. whichever one you like better, they're both great in my book. their voices blend together terrifically.

listen for yourself.


my idol is preggers!

thank perez! always one up on every bit of juicy celebrity gossip...
fashion icon kate moss is preggers. :) sooooo happy for her!!
ignore the comments from perez all over the pic...you know how he is. LOL

new elizabeth james line

mary kate and ashley are upping the ante. loving the new stuff!

item of the week: L.A.M.B. shoes

ok...so i HAVE to have these. period. these bad boys are INSANE!!! and $370 is not a bad price. gwenny, you continue to out-do yourself. thanks girl! :)

i likessss these too...yumm

smh...hair these days. yuck!

ok, really. of all people, i respect creativity and freedom of expression. but seriously...the new hair phenomenon with celebrities...with the extra growth on the back of dudes head. please. that is unacceptable.

enter, kanye:

seriously, not only does it look like your hair is thinning on the side, but geeeez yeezy. your poof in the back is not cute either. i mean, people look up to you, dude. how about we DON'T influence the kids to rock that mess of hair...

enter, bobby v:
(couldn't find a pic, but they show it several times in the new vid beep)

ummm, i really need his peter cottontail to go. who told him that a poofy rattail was attractive. ugh. just b/c you are a celeb, doesn't mean that you can just pull off any old style.

"i got my mojo back baby, oh behave!"

so i hear i've been missed!!! i admit i HAVE been away from my public too long (lol) and i have to apologize for my absence. between school, work and the party life...i haven't had a moment to bring you my opinionated fashion expertise. NOT TO WORRY EVERYONE! i'm back!!! thanks to the encouraging nudges of several friends and faithful readers...i'm jumping back on the horse with the latest and greatest. owwww! hold on to your seats ladies and gents...

btw...thought i'd share some of my adventures with you, since i've been away. enjoy, my loves:

club space - miami

w/my twin :)

me and kimia on the beach

me and the girlies at mango's

partying at red lounge night before inauguration

bundled up at the inauguration concert on the mall

prepartying on the way to lotus

showing love at shadowroom <3

new years w/my lovely ladies at one of my favorites, park