reminder - why i <3 karl

nuff said.

this was the hyped runway shoe from Chanel's 09 resort collection.
now if i could only get my hands on a pair.....


Kate's new jewelry

Kate Spade's got a new line of jewelry out. i'm talking rings, necklaces, brooches, earrings...etc. check it out on the website or at any locations. :)

i'm loving the Tuileries collection:

J Crew: stepping up their "designer" game

you would think that with the economy crumpling before our eyes, retailers would shy away from the overpriced, but that's not the case with everyone. J. Crew just recently opened up their first store that includes items from their new designer collection. a designer collection that includes $3000 jackets and $200 silk flower pins. J. Crew has never been known for being cheaply priced, but even now, while other stores are going under, J. Crew is shoving it their faces. Somehow though, it may be retailers like J. Crew who are continuing to move forward that may save us from our downward spiral.

If you get a chance, check out their store on Madison Avenue in NY. Meanwhile, read up on the new store and what their chief exec has to say in the New York Times: "J. Crew Gets Uppity"


Lykke Li

so i just discovered this girl a few weeks ago and i admire her talent, her sound and yes, her fashion sense. she's an indie singer from Sweden who is quickly gaining momentum here in the states. i just found out that she's performing at the Black Cat tonight. of course...at the moment i'm feeling under the weather and i have no one to go with...but YES, i'm still debating if i should go. anyway, i wanted to share her new video with you b/c i love the juxtaposition of her high fashion and dirty surroundings.
don't forget to check her out at her website, LykkeLi.com

Lykke Li - Breaking it up


celeb spotter

ok, AFTER i checked out all the fashion shows, i decided to go back and see what celebs were caught out and about during fashion week. oh c'mon! we all love a little paparazzi moment don't we?

Halle, stunning just a few months after giving birth (@ Calvin Klein)

beautiful Eva (@ Diane Von Furstenberg)

glammed out Charlize (@ Rag and Bone)

looking like they partied too hard the night before, aubrey and d. woods - aubrey's outfit is hot tho! (@ W Mag's NY Affair)

loving the new cut, mena!

saving the world one boob at a time

sooo, i saw one of my friends with a picture of one of these shirts as her facebook profile, so i had to check it out. i thought it was just another funny tee, but actually supports best cancer research...which is AWESOME! i'm definitely getting one of these!

and gentlemen...feel free to support. they come in your size too. What guy doesn't love ta-ta's???



sooooo, leggings should have been over and done with already. i mean, how many other colors and patterns can you come up with before it starts to get old, especially when EVERY girl is wearing them? but along comes Lindsay with her new line "6126", named, ever so cutely, after Marilyn Monroe's birthday. and you know what? i was surprised. it actually did bring something new to the table. quilted knee pads, gold zippers and washes, rips and runs...i must say, not bad Linds.
so far all she has out are leggings, which she debuted on Oct. 13th at Henri Bendel. but she's already announced that she will be extending the line, although, where she stops next, nobody knows.

get it GaGa!

i cannot stress enough how much girls could stand to learn from lady gaga's style. here's another song and video i like. the name of the song just makes it THAT MUCH better. btw, her album drops 10.28.08. go get it!

Lady GaGa - beautiful dirty rich


Operation Fabulous

Go Miss J! or is it just Jay? or both?

Jay Manual and J. Alexander (aka Miss J) are going to have their own makeover extravaganza. they're starting their own spin-off pilot, entitled Operation Fabulous. Their mission: turn everyone into "top models". now, I know they can be helpful on the ANTM, but as far as having the ability to tell people how they should be dressing, wearing their hair and makeup, etc...do they have it??? i mean look at half the shit Miss J wears:

in all seriousness, do you really want s/him telling you what to put on? however, i'm always of fan of the cynicsm, sarcasm and plain asshole comments that spew out of J's mouth...so let's just set the record straight. i will be watching it.


ciara in high fashion

i'm not sure if i'm thrilled about this song yet, but i simply love the suit in the beginning....and who can be mad at the silver thigh-high boots (in the dance sequence)? not really sure what's going on with the metal armor outfit, but eh, makes for an interesting vid.

ciara ft tpain - go girl

Go Girl Video


gloves for your...feet?

i'm sooooo embarrassed to say that i'm just now finding out about these. Vibram Five Fingers were voted one of the best inventions in 2007 by Time magazine--and why wouldn't they be? Their website boasts:

"FiveFingers footwear connects you to the earth and your surroundings in a way that is simply not possible in conventional shoes. It puts you in touch with the earth beneath your feet and liberates you to move in a more natural, healthy way. FiveFingers stimulate the muscles in your feet and lower legs to build strength and improve range of motion. Our customers report an increased sense of balance, greater agility, and visibly improved posture."

honestly, i think they are the most awesome shoes i've ever seen. i need to buy a pair before i go on my cruise in a couple weeks b/c they look absolutely perfect for walking around, touring, hiking, exploring....
apparently these are made to bring us closer to the earth, you know, be ONE with nature. not to mention, they're comfortable, come in great colors and are only $70!
idk guys, what do you think?


you can never have enough

these tees and more at Blank Generation

lucky bastards!

i swear i've been waiting for Louis to come out with the damier collection in black...and he has. unlucky for me...it only comes in a the mens collection. sigh. one can only hope he'll AT LEAST make a couple of Speedy's for me....please??? if not, i'll be buying the luggage, messenger bags and wallets.

for you iphone-ers
price tag: (a mere, $250)

the carry on
price tag: (the usual, $1270)

only for my ballers
price tag: (if you got it, $4160)

the motorcycle helmet and matching boots(for those NOT currently economically affected)
price tag: (eh, need i bother?)


outrageously delicious, christian lacroix

i could not stop oooh-ing and aaah-ing over lacroix's paris rtw collection. he BY FAR takes the cake during Paris' fashion week. from his bullfighter inspired two pieces, to the art deco-ish mini dresses, lacroix really created a new idea in itself: haute ready to wear. i'm still reeling.

ridiculously insane, balenciaga

i'm not really sure what was going through Nicolas Ghesquière's head...apparently it was "to infinity and beyond" b/c everything looked extra "i-just-dropped-out-of-year-2085". not everything was so distinctly strange, the prismatic jackets were a success in my book...but in general, i wasn't too thrilled. sorry nick.

well i'll be...looks like it came straight out of Jean Luc-Picard's closet

"prism" jackets - i like, oddly high bootleg trousers - not really

look at the shoes! moon boots, no?

nice colors, but i still don't know what's going on with the crotch area

i did like these two however:

shimmery and fun