making undies look super hawt!

yessssssss!!!! i know, i know, i'm totally cheating! i just couldn't wait for the victoria's secret fashion show :)) hot girls, sexy lingerie, amazing designs, and even a performance by Usher...all under one roof. oh all the colors and the feathers! i can't get enough. BUT, until december 3rd, i'll have settle for the pics. enjoy!

ps: boy does alessandra look AMAZING after just having a baby! and adrianna--the newly engaged beauty...she always looks hot!!! magnifique!

feathers are for more than just dusting

these are the hottest ties i've seen in a long time. i'm not so sure you could wear them to work without turning a few heads, but a nite out? perfect timing. just think, it gives a woman just one more reason to feel up your chest. lol

feet ablaze!

ooooh! limited edition nike's! rough and tumble blazer sneaks. found 'em on Urban Outfitters website, if you were wondering.


i look out for you, don't i?

more tees! of course! can't get enough of them. but check this out...this site is brand spanking new, just came out this month: Rizzo Tees
of course, i gotta point out the ones i like best...

wait, wait....that's not all! the tees are $16.99. not bad at all! AAAAAND i've even got a coupon for you to use! but you gotta use it soon...it expires 12/31!

the coupon code C6FC9NRD will save you 10% off

think of how many people you could buy tees for for xmas :) easy peasy gifts! only problemo...no girls tees yet (but i hear they're in the making, in the future!) let's cross our fingers girls!!

woman of the hour: Mae West

this lady is one of my favorite hollywood vixens. she had the body of a goddess, she had attitude, wit, class and boy did she EVER wear her clothes....they never, ever, ever wore her. she turned what could be conceived as sleezy into sexy and i absolutely adore her for it. one of my favorite movies she played in: "i'm no angel"
please, please, please ladies....check her out. she was a pimp, but she made it look so good!
some more pics of my girl:



Visible Sound

on kanye's blog i saw this hot item by Sounds Butter and i had to talk about it. like how cool would it be to put on your favorite song....and see what appears. imagine one with a lot of bass....oooooh, sexy ;)


bringing bleach back

i really don't care what you think...i'll always have a little space in my heart for the bleached jean look. and yeah, i kept eyeing these over and over again, so i finally just went for it ;)

Habitual - $198

tsumori chisato

i dont know why i've never talked about this designer before, but i LOVVVESSSS IT! color, cut, pattern....amazing. it has the boho lux feel to it and the juxtaposition of patterns...which i adore (if you've ever seen me dress....that's a no-brainer) some pics from the 09 spring show:

ok. ok. so where do you get this hot fiyah? best site i found so far? La Garçonne, which has this cute little number:


left! left! left! right! left!

i'm convinced EVERY guy needs a military inspired winter jacket or coat.

Live Mechanics - $168

Puma - $350

Paul Smith - $485

man of the moment: Clark Gable

yes, i'm taking it back in the day. i couldn't help myself. after watching Gone with the Wind last night, i found a renewed interest in the "true" gentleman and their beautiful southern belles - something that always happens when i watch movies about the old south. and who better than to set your gaze on but the deliciously dapper rhett butler? cue the swoon, ladies. and "gentlemen"...take note of a real man: one who could carry a hankerchief in his pocket, who bowed to ladies that walked by, chose his words carefully and best of all....was always IMPECCABLY MAINTAINED.

pics of the notorious Rhett Butler


sex sells

anyone who really knows me, knows i like to talk about sex ever so often....so why not wear a tee that talks sex for me? my current fav?

check out more the soupy jones collection

party like a BARACKstar

OBAMA won....i was totally overseas when it happened, so i couldn't get to party like i wanted to, but guess what i WILL be here for? The Inaugural Ball!!!! Where better to look your best, in the hottest dress??? sooooo.....will i see you there?

here's one website i've found so far that has a LIMITED amount of "early bird" tickets: click here!


balenciaga never fails

from the The Balenciaga Lune Collection