i look out for you, don't i?

more tees! of course! can't get enough of them. but check this out...this site is brand spanking new, just came out this month: Rizzo Tees
of course, i gotta point out the ones i like best...

wait, wait....that's not all! the tees are $16.99. not bad at all! AAAAAND i've even got a coupon for you to use! but you gotta use it soon...it expires 12/31!

the coupon code C6FC9NRD will save you 10% off

think of how many people you could buy tees for for xmas :) easy peasy gifts! only problemo...no girls tees yet (but i hear they're in the making, in the future!) let's cross our fingers girls!!


Curlylox421 said...

I like the run forest tee..cute!

Rizzo said...

Thanks for posting about Rizzo Tees!