oh it's wellingtons season again. let the rain commence as long as i've got these sweet boots by Hunter. you can find these at Saks, ranging from $115-$145. i absolutely love love love the silver ones....and the red ones.....and the...ok, ok. i like them all :)

they also come in shorter versions, with laces and in black and yellow (on saks website)....HOWEVER if you check out the HUNTER website (which i just discovered myself),there's so many more color choices and even comfy socks to fit inside! I'm SOLD!

CLICK HERE! for the Hunter website :)

oh no, not another one...

“I can’t say when it will be released, but it’s definitely going to happen,” -Rihanna

i already discussed my infatuation with Andre's new Benjamin Bixby line. i'm a little excited for the development of M.I.A.'s collection with Marc Jacobs...seeing as she's such an innovator anyway. and we all know Justin Timberlake is doing a little something with William Rast (keywords being, "a little"). then there's all the other ones floating around, Diddy, Madonna for H&M, Beyonce, Aubrey of Danity Kane, Pharrell, Jessica Simpson, Gwen...could i go on anymore??? (uh, yes....) but as for each and every celeb (mostly singers) coming out with a clothing line these days...i mean c'mon....RIHANNA???? sweetie, i love your look and all, but we all know you don't dress yourself. it's called a stylist...and boy does she have a good one. you know, i'll even give her enough leeway to say it was ok that she put her name on some umbrellas. but what on God's green earth made her think that suddenly she was an expert on fashion? pretty much, people will be buying a line that she doesn't even design herself...all b/c she's endorsing it. and what happens to the people who come up with the concepts? who knows...

the thing about tats

Victoria Beckham and Christina Aguilara neck tats

as an avid fan of tattoos, i thought it was very interesting for The NY Times to bring up a current issue with tattoos that i've been noticing myself. not only are people everywhere starting to cover themselves with tats, but even if they aren't covered, they're making it a lot more visible. neck, wrist and hand tattoos are all over the workplace. i've got a couple tattoos, but i've always positioned places on the body that i could choose to show or not. recently i've thought about getting either a wrist or behind the ear tattoo...but i still feel stuck in that "work-appropriate" rut. although i know i won't always work at a law firm, and i plan on being in the fashion arena, where tats are not a discrimintory factor on your work ability...i still have my doubts. but should i?

in a time period where being marked up is cool...you have to wonder when the "rockstar" trend is going to fall off...

Willie Northpole - "body marked up"

...when lil wayne and travis barker are going to be 70 and their tats aren't going to look so hot anymore. lol

Travis Barker

*sigh* check out the article...it brought up a lot of good points. you decide for yourself. and when you do...let me know. i need some help in this body altering decision process.

"Tattoos Gain Even More Visibility" - The New York Times

crazy about guiseppe



the fall chill is setting in...
jackets anyone?

Proenza Schouler

D Collection

Free People


to die for.

UGH! more sneaker pumps???

yes. i like sergio rossi.
yes. i like puma.
please excuse me, i just threw up a little in my mouth and i need to go spit it out.

but i guess the guys sergio/puma clash isn't so bad. but definitely nothing to scream about. actually...it looks like a regular puma shoe to me....

i <3 you tees

saw this website this morning...apparently now you can <3 anything that is 6 letters or less. not only that...but the shirts are organic!

psst...btw, my name is spelled bianca...in case you were wondering. :)

"I <3" tees

Lady GaGa

not only did i like the song....but whoever styled her for this shoot is awesome.

lady gaga ft colby o'donis & akon - just dance


carry on...

ahhhhhh! you know, as much as i desperately need this vacay that's coming up in november, i feel like i'm not ready. so here i am at 11:30 at night, searching for the perfect carry-on bag for the plane. with all the rules and regs at the airport these days (esp the new $50 fee for a second bag), i need to find a bag that's big enough to suit my needs (like an entire outfit-since i'm sooooo worried that they might lose my luggage), but doesn't look like a big floppy mess. Tumi, one of my fav bag makers has some awesome stuff...i don't know why i didn't think of checking them sooner. hmmmm, maybe i was subconsciously trying to remind myself that $700 for a bag could be $700 more to spend in puerto rico....

oh wtf...i like them.

interesting tights

i've already decided that i'm rocking tights all fall/winter season...so i've been in search of the oddest colors and patterns i can find. try sockdreams.com...

Sock Dreams

Super Supras!

after getting tired of seeing every dude in nike dunks...i really <3 these right now!


i forgot my boys!

all this talk about fashion week and i didn't even include my boys!!! there was some HOT FIYAH on the runway. I suggest you all check out these designers:

  • Dsquared2

    • bringing the 3 piece suit back!
    • shorts and high socks...i can dig it

  • Duckie Brown

    • interesting take on the "bike messenger"
    • mostly darker colors

  • Number (N)ine

    • ok, minus the lace and wigs, the intricate deailing for these artistical "masterpieces" is what i'm looking at. i do not encourage this look for most straight men.
    • like the cream hoodie!

  • 3.1 Philip Lim

    • clean, crisp, comfy
    • like the blazers

  • Emporio Armani

    • classic but edgy. the outfits scream "i'm a success, pay me."
    • wouldn't necessarily suggest any of the satin looking aladdin pants or the deep-V neck shirts

i can never get too tired of graphic tees


so, a friend introduced me to this site awhile back...but i've never had anyone to share it with. like i said before, i LOVE graphic tees especially when the GOOD ones come in my size!
some of my favs:
ps: some of them take a little more thought…so if you don’t get one, let me know…LOL


london fashion week

Louise Goldin's Spring 09 collection
overall construction - two thumbs up!

Luella Spring 09 collection
classic elegance and still colorful and fun - love it!

goooooo GREEN!

so in my fashion business class we've been seriously discussing the pros and cons of "going green"...you know, being conscious of your purchases being "enviornmentally friendly" and all. this goes from making clothes and bags entirely from non-animal products to buying vintage, reworked clothes. so far, i've only done the Urban Renewal (the old becoming new) line at Urban Outfitters, but much to my surprise (and EXCITEMENT!), these Mat and Natt bags are SWEET! say goodbye to the leather handbags, i'm going VEGAN, baby!
this one's made of...yes, CARDBOARD!!!

for the non-conformist in you

i'm totally feeling these tees and tanks from Obesity and Speed. all of the tees come in mens and women's...which I LOVE! (since i always adore the slogans mens tees usually have that NEVER come in my size). Check out the site. They're pretty awesome. I can see myself rocking one of the tanks with a shrunken, leather "motorcycle" jacket, cigarette jeans with a little crop to show off some killer louboutin booties. oooh...i think i'm gonna go buy one riiiiight now. :)

YSL contest!

Sooooo....Yves Saint Laurent is having a contest for ANYONE to enter. All you have to do is design a lipstick inspired piece of art for their new lipstick "Rouge Volupte"!

Even if you don't want to enter the contest, it's still fun to look at some of the amazing artwork that has been presented.
Enter Contest

Here are two of my favs :)


oh ANDRE!!! *swoon*

or should i be saying "oh Benjamin"????

what can Andre 3000 NOT accomplish? he's an established rapper, actor and now designer???? my my my, i must say, i'm really feeling this new Benjamin Bixby line. although, i will admit, it has a very RL Polo...Rugby essence about it. which makes sense, since it's inspired by 1930's football.
still, the suspenders over polos and scarfs hanging from the waist are a fresh take on classic accessories. show 'em how its done dre!

He recently opened his line in Barney's NY and showed his stuff on the runways in Paris. Fall is looking good for the guys this year :)


no one on the corner has swagger like us.

t.i. feat kanye, jay z and wayne (with m.i.a. vocals) - "swagger like us remix"

speaks for itself.

if you ain't on this song yet....get there.
it should be EVERY fashionable person's theme song.
(and no...this isn't the video....b/c there isn't one.)

classic fall bags

kate spade has some amazing handbags:
CLICK HERE to check out the rest of her current collection on katespade.com.