all in favor of banning this trend: RAISE YOUR HANDS!!!!

it's amazing what incoherant styles become all the rage. someone please explain the tight-jeans-with-a-sag phenomenon. does that make sense at all??? i mean, tighter fitting jeans are acceptable to me, (as long as it's not guys in skinny's) since it's all apart of the "urban rockstar" trend. and, forgive me if i'm wrong but.....

isn't a sag a derivitive of pants that are too big???? if your pants are tight, then how would they, why would they................SAG?????

so, courtesy of gawker.com apparently someone has figured out (AND created) jeans that will allow you cover your ass, and still achieve "sag-status". shoot me. b/c this can't be real. and if so.........shoot them for coming up with the idea.


Karen said...

I totally agree. I haven't seen these that you show in denim but I have seen the drop pants that high end designers seem to think is cute. I want to say Louis Vuitton was one of them but I'm not sure. Either way, it made me want to cry.

miss-emily said...

yip ive seen girls doin that. not good makes hips look WIDE, legs look SHORT and feet look BIG. umpa lumppa got more style.