he baRACKs!

he is certainly not lacking in the swagger category. he makes a light-colored button up and dark slacks look like a milli bucks! ::sigh:: how can you not love him? and how excited are we that we have 4 years of him!


another excuse to not feel guilty for all the money you spend during the holidays

yes, yes. i know. we all get that feeling in the pit of our stomachs after we've blown through a few thousand in an hour during our xmas excursions. (esp if you're like me, and most of the money was spent on you, not the gifts you thought you were gonna buy. lol) but what if your money spent was donated to charity? cha-ching! easiest way to feel better about yourself. and i'm not talking you walk buy the salvation army bucket and drop in a couple quarters...i'm talking real donations here. :) for example:

Kenneth Cole is offering:

and one of my faves, rugby is offering some cool places to donate too!
go to their website, Rugby Social Action

Blake Mycoskie is not your everyday entrepreneur. A former contestant on The Amazing Race, he was learning to play polo in Argentina — not in a business school classroom — when he came up with the idea for TOMS Shoes. Dismayed to see so many barefoot kids, he committed to an unusual business plan: You buy a pair of TOMS, he gives a pair to a kid that needs them. This summer, Rugby is offering specially designed, limited-edition TOMS, marking the first-ever design collaboration for either company.

Model and social activist Lauren Bush is accustomed to setting trends. She was merely an undergrad at Princeton when she caught the attention of the United Nations, who asked her to become a student spokesperson for their World Food Program (WFP). Moved by the hunger she saw around the world, she created a line of “FEED bags” to raise money and awareness for the WFP’s School Feeding Program: When you buy one of the burlap totes, $20 goes to school lunch for a hungry child. This summer, the original FEED bags will be available in Rugby stores.


up and coming

although this is primarily a fashion blog, you know i like to point out people in the music that have caught my attention. this dude, charles hamilton...oh man, i lovesssss him! this new song "brooklyn girls" grabbed me. i can always use a real laid-back song to ease me out of my boom-boom, bang-bang down south beats.
he's an "uptown boy with soho flavor", and i think he's definitely worth checking out. i may not have anything to say about him fashion-wise...although, sonic is cute, and he's not afraid of the color pink, apparently. a man wearing pink with confidence....nothing sexier, in my opinion.
so go check him out:
His MySpace
His Blog
and the vid:

did i mention, he's a cutie?

the epitome of awwwww

if you ever wondered if karl lagerfeld was always that cute and huggably fly...wonder no more. courtesy of T Mag, i'm totally ga-ga over this pic of him. yes. i did say that. "awwwwwwwwwwwww"

and speaking of karl....who DOESN'T want this bag? lol