goooooo GREEN!

so in my fashion business class we've been seriously discussing the pros and cons of "going green"...you know, being conscious of your purchases being "enviornmentally friendly" and all. this goes from making clothes and bags entirely from non-animal products to buying vintage, reworked clothes. so far, i've only done the Urban Renewal (the old becoming new) line at Urban Outfitters, but much to my surprise (and EXCITEMENT!), these Mat and Natt bags are SWEET! say goodbye to the leather handbags, i'm going VEGAN, baby!
this one's made of...yes, CARDBOARD!!!


Michelle said...

Great looking bag!

Another great site for vegan bags is http://www.vegetarianshoesandbags.com/

Not only do they have great looking hand bags, they also have great looking shoes and boots!

AND one more reason to check them out is that they are running a free Shoes for a Year sweepstakes, good now through December 5.

The lucky winner gets a free pair of shoes every month for all of 2009. Entries are made each time a purchase is made, however no purchase is necessary. Anyone can go to the site to enter ONCE at http://www.vegetarianshoesandbags.com/vegansweepstakes/freeshoesforayear.aspx . They won't accept duplicate entries at this address, however.

fashionably preoccupied said...

that's awesome! thanks michelle. :)