J Crew: stepping up their "designer" game

you would think that with the economy crumpling before our eyes, retailers would shy away from the overpriced, but that's not the case with everyone. J. Crew just recently opened up their first store that includes items from their new designer collection. a designer collection that includes $3000 jackets and $200 silk flower pins. J. Crew has never been known for being cheaply priced, but even now, while other stores are going under, J. Crew is shoving it their faces. Somehow though, it may be retailers like J. Crew who are continuing to move forward that may save us from our downward spiral.

If you get a chance, check out their store on Madison Avenue in NY. Meanwhile, read up on the new store and what their chief exec has to say in the New York Times: "J. Crew Gets Uppity"

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Mickeasy said...

good look on the J crew blog! Come holla at Mike down in Gtown! I will hook that ass up or your money back!