"i got my mojo back baby, oh behave!"

so i hear i've been missed!!! i admit i HAVE been away from my public too long (lol) and i have to apologize for my absence. between school, work and the party life...i haven't had a moment to bring you my opinionated fashion expertise. NOT TO WORRY EVERYONE! i'm back!!! thanks to the encouraging nudges of several friends and faithful readers...i'm jumping back on the horse with the latest and greatest. owwww! hold on to your seats ladies and gents...

btw...thought i'd share some of my adventures with you, since i've been away. enjoy, my loves:

club space - miami

w/my twin :)

me and kimia on the beach

me and the girlies at mango's

partying at red lounge night before inauguration

bundled up at the inauguration concert on the mall

prepartying on the way to lotus

showing love at shadowroom <3

new years w/my lovely ladies at one of my favorites, park

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