smh...hair these days. yuck!

ok, really. of all people, i respect creativity and freedom of expression. but seriously...the new hair phenomenon with celebrities...with the extra growth on the back of dudes head. please. that is unacceptable.

enter, kanye:

seriously, not only does it look like your hair is thinning on the side, but geeeez yeezy. your poof in the back is not cute either. i mean, people look up to you, dude. how about we DON'T influence the kids to rock that mess of hair...

enter, bobby v:
(couldn't find a pic, but they show it several times in the new vid beep)

ummm, i really need his peter cottontail to go. who told him that a poofy rattail was attractive. ugh. just b/c you are a celeb, doesn't mean that you can just pull off any old style.

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